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Coming Soon - The World's First Digital Sports Exchange.

AllStars Digital (ASD) is the first company to deliver people-based alternative assets to market into traditional financial products and is now digitising these assets for the next generation of crypto traders. This innovation is a very real demonstration of how alternative assets will, over time, change the way markets operate, and the future of people based alternative assets is through tokenization.

The AllStars Digital platform will be launched with a utility coin (AllStars Coin – $ASX) that accelerates growth of the entire AllStars digital product suite and ecosystem and will provide loyalty rewards to $ASX holders and traders, access to play to earn games and sporting NFTs which lead to Metaverse activations. This will include trading on the anticipated performance of a player in $ASX or other digital currencies.

AllStars Digital Highlights

Trademarked IP
  • Global leader in developing benchmarked indices based on the performance of individuals
  • Proprietary AI, algorithms and mathematical evaluation
Operational Platform
  • 2 Years of accumulated data on players
  • 15,000+ existing platform users
  • $800m trading volume
Institutional Partnerships
  • Elevat3 Capital - the VC arm of serial entrepreneur Christian Angermayer, (Apeiron Investment Group backed by Peter Thiel -Founders Fund).

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    AllStars Digital (ASD)

    AllStars Digital (ASD) is a unique and dynamic sports token ecosystem with coloured tokens that provide trading at launch of around 100 individual top players’ • Tokens linked to the performance of the biggest names in each sport

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    ASD utility coin (AllStars Coin, $ASX)

    ASD utility coin (AllStars Coin, $ASX) will provide VIP access to ALL AllStars trading ecosystem, to sports-related play to earn games through AllStars Play and unique sporting NFTs leading to a Metaverse activation.

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    ASD will link digital assets

    ASD will link digital assets to also be used into partner exchanges and their ecosystem which opens up many digital asset delivery channels (including):Unique Crypto based Fantasy Competitions & Games NFTs based in player performance/ unique events data


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The World's First Digital Sports Exchange.

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