About Us

Adrix is a data analysis firm and global leader in developing Human Index Data.

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Our Story

Adrix brings together a team of financial market data analysts, online trading specialists and investment banking experts who recognised that advances in data analytics now allow a real value to be put on human performance.

From sports stars to celebrities, anyone with a digital footprint can be tracked in real time and given a value which is driven by their success or failure. However, it was the Adrix teams knowledge of using benchmarking to create traditional financial indices which allows the creation of individual player or individual indices which track their performance.

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people discussing on board

Our Mission

To be the global leader in developing human index data which can be used to price performance and take people data analytics to the next level.

Why Invest in Adrix?
Adrix is the first company to put a tradable value on human performance, a real-time price on the success or failure of individuals. Adrix™ Data can be used for a range of different applications, providing new and unique products for a number of different multi-million-dollar markets.

Business Verticals

Our business verticals use Adrix data for a range of products from CFDs for trading to sports analytics. The first Adrix vertical business, AllStars Trader, was launched in 2021 and in 2022/2023 further verticals will go live.

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